Types of Watches: Automatic, Quartz, Dual Movement

Looking your best means wearing the best. When it comes to timepieces, you have several options to choose from. Between colors, materials, and features, there’s a watch out there for everyone. But outside of styles and designs, you want to choose a watch with a power source that matches your lifestyle. 

Modern watches are powered in either one of two ways: battery-powered (or quartz movement) and mechanical. Within the mechanical watch family are automatic watches and manual watches. 

Do you prefer to wind your watch? Then you’ll love owning a manual watch. Love wearing your watch everywhere you go? Be the power source for your automatic watch. But if you’d rather not worry about powering your watch, go with a quartz movement watch. 

Still not sure which one is for you? Below is a better breakdown of each. 

The Advantages of Each & How They Work

Finding the best watch for you means considering all factors. Let's take a deeper look at the advantages of each watch type. 

 The Automatic 

automatic watches

Imagine never having to worry about changing your watch's battery, because you are the battery.


  • Powered by your movement
  • Power reserve (40-50 hours on average)
  • Perfect for active watch wearers

How It Works

As your wrist naturally moves throughout the day, the oscillation rotor in your automatic spins. The kinetic energy created is then transferred to the mainspring, which powers the watch. If your power reserve runs out, simply recharge it by wearing it around. Once it has power back, you can manually realign it with the correct time. 

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Quartz Movement

quartz movement watch

With a long-lasting battery, your quartz watch doesn’t need to be maintained day to day to continue functioning.


  • Battery-powered
  • Long battery life (2-3 years)
  • Accuracy 

How It Works

 If you’re tired of self-winding or don’t wear your watch enough, a battery-powered quartz watch is definitely for you. Once the battery is drained, simply take it in to be changed. 

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Dual Movement 

dual movement watch

With a Dual Movement watch, you get the best of both worlds. 


  • Two movements in one case
  • Consistent power source
  • Unique designs & features

How It Works

Inside a dual movement watch are two power sources, a winding rotor, and a battery. Both of these pieces provide power for the watch. 

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Mechanical Movement 

The precise engineering that goes into creating a manual watch lets people know you appreciate the details. 


  • Powered by self-winding
  • Power reserve 
  • Smooth movements

How It Works

Similar to automatics, mechanical watches don’t require a battery, have a power reserve, and rely on you for power. The difference is that mechanical watches need to be hand-wound to continue running as opposed to being powered by your natural movement. Despite having a power reserve, you need to periodically wind your manual watch to keep it running smoothly. 

Styles & Designs You’ll Love

No matter which movement type, style, or design you prefer, we have a watch for you. You can even pair your watch with a new bracelet or Horween leather strap for a sharper look. For a quality selection of handcrafted timepieces, check out Wolfpoint watches.

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