3 Tips For Luxury Watch Maintenance

Whether it was a gift, a personal purchase, or passed down to you, your luxury watch needs regular maintenance to look sharp and perform at its best. If you like wearing your watch regularly, these three watch care tips are especially important. 

Your luxury timepiece was an investment, take care of it so it never loses its value—or shine. Follow these simple watch care tips to help you avoid problems today and later down the road. 

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 Handle With Care 

The easiest way to maintain your watch’s look is by taking steps to prevent damage in the first place. Do you have a bad habit of taking off your watch and placing it on a nightstand? Then it’s time to get a watch box to help you avoid unnecessary damage. You can use the same box the watch came in if you don’t already have one. 

When storing your watch, choose a dry area to avoid rust and direct sunlight to avoid color fade. It may seem obvious, but you’ll want to store it in a secure area as well. Treat your luxury timepiece the same way you did when you first got it. 

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 What’s Your Watch Made Of? 

Not all watches are made from the same materials. Make sure you know what yours is made of before attempting to clean it.  The type of material your watch is made from tells you how durable or delicate you should expect it to be. 

Materials such as 316L stainless steel and titanium offer far more durability and rust resistance. However, some people go for lower grade 306 steel watches, which are cheaper in price, and lack durability or corrosion resistance. Knowing what material your watch is made of will help you avoid harming the watch when maintaining it.

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 Keep Your Watch Clean

A clean watch says a lot about you. It means you pay attention to detail and care about the way you look. But before trying to clean your watch, you need to ensure your cleaning method is safe. Figure out if your watch is waterproof and to what extent. A watch resistant to 30 ATM water resistance can be submerged completely. However, if you tried scuba diving with a watch with resistance to 3 ATM, it might break. 

To clean your watch, you can use common household items such as a microfiber towel, a toothbrush, and some cleansing wipes. First, you’ll want to remove the strap. Next, you’ll use a toothbrush or detailing brush to gently remove grime. Finally, use the microfiber towel to remove moisture and oils. For sanitary purposes, it’s a good idea to regularly wipe off your watch with antibacterial wipes in between maintenance. 

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Discover Your Next Luxury Timepiece

Now that you know these great watch care tips, it’s time to put them to use. Explore our collection of luxury men’s and women’s timepieces. Our handcrafted watches at Wolfpoint feature minimal designs with high-quality materials to give you a sharp, authentic look. Make a statement—find the style that suits you. 

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