Our great-grandfather started as a watch assembler in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1997, we founded our first boutique, hand-assembled, watch manufacturer in Asia. With the help and support from our luxury retail partners, we have grown into an industry-leading watch manufacturer. Over the years, we began to notice a steady increase of mark-ups for consumers purchasing luxury watches, and decided it was time to change this unfair pricing.


With this knowledge of unnecessary mark-ups, we were fed up with luxury watch brands making it difficult for average consumers to obtain quality products. In 2018, we founded Wolfpoint with the vision to make handcrafted quality products at an affordable price more accessible. To make this happen, we purchased and now run our own facilities, ensuring an American standard quality at an affordable price.

"There have always been more excessive designs in the market, yet people gravitate toward simplicity of watches and it will continue this way. There are trends that come and go, but classic watches are here to stay."


We engineer, design, and build all of our watches in-house in both of our two facility locations. Before any watch can truly be called a Wolfpoint watch, it is put through a series of rigorous tests to measure precision, aesthetic, and quality to match our high standards. These stringent tests and trials take place throughout every stage of production, right up to delivery, where each watch is subjected to tests that mirror real life and extreme sports conditions to ensure it is built to last.

Each timepiece is handcrafted in-house by a team of extensively trained watchmakers. This process takes time, but it’s time we’re proud to invest. Because we value our final product more than our final profit, we focus on delivering the highest quality handcrafted watches at an affordable price that will stand the test of time.


As the 4th generation of a watchmaker family and proud Chicagoans, we hope to bring manufacturing back to Chicago, a city that was once the largest manufacturing powerhouses in the world, and proud of it.


Wolf Point is the location of Chicago’s first hotel, first theater, first bar, and where many other historical firsts happened for the city. Now, it's also where the first Chicago watch was inspired. Our "Y" logo design is modeled after the iconic fork in the Chicago River, creating the North, South and Main branches of the waterway. Inspired by the down-to-earth and hardworking culture in the city, this symbol represents civic pride. It can be seen around the city in historic places like the Chicago Theater Marquee, Franklin Street Bridge, and Millennium Park to name a few.

At Wolfpoint we understand the value of a quality product. That’s why it is our mission to make quality more accessible.


We believe our customers have a right to know how much their watches cost to make. We reveal the actual markup of materials and labors behind all of our watches then offer them to you without the excessive branding mark up.