Monday with Allison

Meet Allison, an up and coming lifestyle blogger.

She was born and raised in Kentucky, the fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Chicago and Nashville. She recently just made a big move to Nashville. ‘We’ve been moving around since we got married 5 years ago now, WOW time flies! California, Maryland, Chicago…now home, sweet Nashville.’
When did you start blogging?

It’s been a few years in the making. Initially just as a space for close friends and family, but as tension picked up I started adding a little more intention into strategy and serving my audience. I’m so grateful for the community, friendships and voice blogging has brought me and hope to spread as much joy as possible through it.

What according to you is a favorite part of being a fashion blogger?

My favorite part of this job is simply sharing. It’s why I learned to build a website, photography, editing, and marketing. So I can bring my visions to life! I get so excited about color, patterns, and products that spark something in me and simply cannot wait to share them. The opportunity to encourage, serve and share is why I love what I do.
Where does your inspiration come from?

Each project is a little different… But everything starts with a spark of inspiration. It could be from a book, a routine, a sweater, color or fabric that I love. From there I like to think about the purpose it serves and how it will be helpful to my readers and audience. Then, I work to bring the vision I have to life. Getting the products, the photographer, and styling, shooting, editing the content. It always takes more resources and time than expected but there is no better feeling than the final product. Finding the pieces to link with the best prices, doing the research, writing the posts, the emails and working out the marking content. It’s definitely a process but I’m grateful for the opportunity to do it all.

How do you stay up to date regarding fashion?

Honestly, it’s hard to get behind with Instagram and social media marketing. However, I do like to do my own research and create my own styles. Which is usually a product of constant browsing and scrolling through my favorite designers. Fast fashion is hard to keep up with. There are 8 seasons and they are stimulating and switching trends before your package arrives. I’m making more of a focus on conscious clothing. Timeless pieces that are made responsibly have become more fun to discover and share.
Describe your go-to look on a night-out.

When the husband and I are going out on the town I have a few go-to looks. I love my Levi 501 Skinnies with heels, a silk cami, and a textured top layer. Either a cozy cardigan, faux fur coat or duster. Or, I’m constantly drawn to neutrals so the little black dress is always a good idea.

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

When I’m not attached to my laptop… I love to go to the dog park with Leroy (our 80 lbs. pup) and my husband, out for a nice lunch or dinner and drinks, or pick up my book.

What are your favorites part of the city?

I know Chicago better than Nashville at this point; we’ve only been here for a few months. When it comes to The Windy City, I LOVE the skyline. I’ve traveled quite a bit and nothing compares to the view from the top of the London House. Overlooking the river, lake, and Wrigley Building (my personal favorite) there is just no better view. The amazing variety of food didn’t hurt either though and I have a full Chicago travel guide filled with my favorite on the blog!
What do you love about WOLFPOINT watches?

I love Maple! (36.5mm Horween Leather Maple) For one… they fit my tiny wrist, thank you! But I truly appreciate the company itself. Building something beautiful from scratch and not cutting corners to get there. The watches are classic, timeless, and stunning. What’s not to love?
More about Allison?
Learn more about Allison at or follow her on IG @allisonclairmurray

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