Horween Leather Watch Straps

Horween Leather Co.

Nearly 115 years ago, Isadore Horween began his leather company in Chicago, Illinois, and not much has changed since.

Founded in 1905, Horween Leather Co. is one of the oldest running tanneries in the United States, and has contributed to Chicago’s rich history in manufacturing, a tradition that we admire and would like to continue. The 5th generation family-owned company is praised for the quality and expert craftsmanship, exclusively supplying leather for NFL footballs and NBA basketballs, among other globally recognized names.

Tried-and-True Techniques

Based on old-school methods that have stood the test of time, the techniques and machinery they use today are the same that were used at the time of the company’s inception, most still manually operated. This dedication and commitment to their craft allows Horween Leather Co. to consistently produce the highest quality product available.

Every step in the tanning process happens in-house in their historic Chicago factory, acquired by Isadore Horween in 1920.The 5-floor factory covers an entire block in Chicago’s north side, and houses all of the machinery needed to transform raw, unprocessed hide, largely sourced from Chicago’s own meat industry, into one of their 50+ finished premium leathers.

Our Leather of Choice: Essex

Every one of their leathers are masterfully produced and have unique characteristics suited for a particular product. We exclusively use Essex for our leather watch straps — a vegetable-tanned leather known for its high oil content, and ability to age beautifully over time.

The most desirable of it’s kind, taking nearly three years to develop, Essex is a luxurious, full-grain, and ultra-soft leather with just the right amount of stretch, making it the perfect companion to a Wolfpoint timepiece.

A gem in our own backyard, we’re honored to work directly with Horween Leather Co. to bring you the highest quality products that you can wear with pride.

Leather Care

To care for Horween Leather, follow these best practices to ensure your watch strap will become more beautiful with every wear.

  • To avoid uneven fading or drying out of the leather, keep out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods.
  • Moisturize the watch strap about every six months to maintain a soft and comfortable texture.
  • Lastly, our vegetable-tanned leather watch straps will naturally age over time. The unique marks and patterns that appear with wear are a sign of the high-quality materials used.

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