Choosing the Perfect Watch Strap To Complement Your Style

Just like an outfit, a watch needs to be paired with the right accessories to make it pop. Pairing your watch with the right strap and bracelet can also help keep your wrist comfortable during different parts of the year. But how do you choose the right watch strap or bracelet to complement your style? Let’s go over the different types of straps and bracelets and what style each of them fits.

Types of Watch Straps and Bracelets


Metallic mesh watch band

Whether it’s stainless steel, gold, or platinum—metal bracelets are one of the most popular watch straps available. Metal bracelets come in a variety of finishes and styles—including mesh, Oyster, and Jubilee. 

  • Mesh bracelets are great for a not-formal-but-not-casual kind of look and are known for their comfort. They’re a good in-between, versatile option because they go with almost any style.

  • Oyster bracelets are designed to be durable and compliment a casual or sporty look. Originally, oyster bracelets were created for water sports (hence the name). But, you don’t have to be a diver or swimmer to enjoy the look and feel of an oyster bracelet.

  • Jubilee bracelets are commonly paired with dress watches but can accompany practically any type of watch. While the layout of a Jubilee bracelet is similar to an Oyster, you can find Jubilee bracelets with varying colors on the central links. When paired correctly, a Jubilee bracelet brings out the look or design of your dial.


Leather watch strap

Similar to metallic bracelets, leather straps, come in a variety of colors and styles. You can find common cow-hide leather or exotic species of leather, such as crocodile. However, for a more environmentally conscious person, artificial or faux leather straps are available.

  • Cow-hide leather is the most common type of watchband type. Leather straps, such as Horween leather, are high-quality and keep your wrist comfortable and stylish.

  • Exotic species leather, such as crocodile, has a more refined look and unique texture—especially when compared to common leather.

  • Artificial leather can offer more durability and are typically more affordable as well. With artificial leather, you won’t deal with moisture problems and cracking that leather straps are vulnerable to.


If you know someone who wears a digital or smartwatch, then you’re familiar with rubber straps. You’d unlikely pair it with a dress watch or with fancy clothing—rubber watches are the king of casual. They’re also perfect for anyone who likes to stay active, as rubber is a very durable, easy-to-clean material.

How To Choose Which Style Is Best for You?

When deciding which bracelet or strap to accompany your watch, your first thought should be on functionality. While just about any strap or bracelet can improve the look of your watch, making sure it’s functional will keep you comfortable. For example, in the heat of summer, leather straps are not ideal. Leather material absorbs sweat and moisture, leading to cracks in the material. In colder months, a metallic watch will only absorb the cold, leaving you with an icy wrist. Rubber watch straps can be worn at all times of the year,  but don’t go well in formal looks or settings. 

 At the end of the day, you want a watch strap and bracelet that doesn’t just complement your style but is functionally effective. No matter your style, you can find the right strap or bracelet at Wolfpoint

Find Your Style at Wolfpoint

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