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Wolfpoint watches exclusively use surgical grade 316L stainless steel. This heavy-duty material is unaffected by moisture, like the unavoidable perspiration that occurs from the friction of the watch on the wrist. Because it is surgical grade, the material is sensitive on skin, so rashes and irritation will not occur. When an item is substantial in weight, it is associated with quality. That stands true with timepieces. The more solid the steel, such as 316L stainless steel, the higher purity level and higher quality it will be.

Sapphire crystal is the sure sign of a quality watch. An average watch made from acrylic glass or mineral glass will not last nearly as long, as those materials are far more susceptible to scratches and damage. As you will note on your Wolfpoint watch, sapphire crystal provides extreme clarity and maximum scratch-resistance.

Straps come in a variety of materials, but are classically made from leather. Choosing a quality material is important for the longevity of your strap, and a lot goes into deciding which is best for each particular watch design. To ensure your watch strap will age beautifully over time, Wolfpoint sources all of their leather from Horween Leather Co. based in Chicago.

Wolfpoint watches utilize Miyota and Ronda quartz movements. When treated with proper care, these movements may last through generations. Quartz movements are among the most common movements available, majorly because they are the simplest to manufacture with refined moving parts. This allows for affordability and unparalleled accuracy.

"It’s our top priority to provide the highest level of craftsmanship for an affordable price that will last through generations of wear"


One of the main differences between an average and luxury timepiece is the overall finish. We’re talking about the smallest details from the stitching on the strap to the edge of the crown. All of these details should come together to form one cohesive statement piece. It’s the sign of true craftsmanship, a quality we pride ourselves on.

Wolfpoint watch

The quality of a Wolfpoint watch is no secret, and we’re proud to share our process and materials with you. It’s our top priority to provide the highest level of craftsmanship for an affordable price that will last through generations of wear.

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Nice watch…the style very elegant

Fernando Contreras Lopez. November 20, 2020

The watch from Wolfpoint has arrived and is of a high quality and is good value.

Michael saunders May 16, 2020

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