Differences Between WOLFPOINT and Other watch brands

When it comes to watchmaking, there are key differences between WOLFPOINT and other micro watch brands. In this post, we will explain the main differences in terms of:

  • Scale of production 
  • Materials and craftsmanship 
  • Manufacturing location 
  • Price 
  • Distribution and Marketing 

Scale of Production

We typically produce watches on a much larger scale than other micro watch brands.

  • WOLFPOINT, as a watch manufacturer, produces thousands or even tens of thousands of watches per year. 
  • Other Micro Brands may produce only a few hundred watches per year. 

Materials and Craftsmanship

We often use higher quality materials and employ more skilled craftspeople in our production process. This can result in watches that are:

  • More durable 
  • Have a higher level of finishing and attention to detail 

Microbrands may use more affordable materials and have less skilled labor (often outsource the manufacturing process), resulting in watches that may not have the same level of quality and durability.

Manufacturing Location

We produce watches in-house. We are known for our high-quality watchmaking tradition and skilled workforce.

Microbrands, on the other hand, may produce watches in different countries with lower labor costs, such as China or India.


We tend to be much more expensive than microbrands. This is due to:

  • Higher production costs 
  • Use of higher-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship 
  • Prestige associated with our brand 

Distribution and Marketing

We often have a more exclusive distribution channels, being sold directly on our site and exclusive boutiques. Microbrands tend to sell primarily online or other 3rd party platforms.

  • We also often have more substantial marketing campaigns and brand awareness. 
  • Microbrands tend to have a more niche audience.

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