Wolfpoint 316L Stainless Steel Watches

Our mission is to make everyday watches that would make people feel great for a long time. It's the feeling that you’ve invested in yourself by investing in what you wear, and choosing things that are made with excellent materials and that are made to last. While many other fashion watch brands choose to use the more affordable 201 or 304L stainless steel, we handcrafted all of our WOLFPOINT watches with the premium 316L Stainless Steel that will last for years to come.

If you want to purchase a watch made from stainless steel, you need to know the different grades in stainless steel. Each grade has its own makeup of metals which will determine how strong or weak the component might be. 316L is considered one of the finest grades and would make a great choice if you are looking to purchase a stainless steel watch.

What is 316L Stainless Steel?

This is a grade of stainless steel that has very low carbon content and is extremely resistant to corrosive elements such as saltwater or liquids that are acidic. 316L also resists magnetic properties unlike a standard grade such as 201 or 304L.

Molybdenum is a chemical element that is a brittle silvery-gray metal that is often used in some alloy steels. If Molybdenum has been added to the stainless steel, it will provide a better corrosion-resistance and a popular choice for divers. This material is often used in diving equipment because of its endurance against corrosion.

Most high-end, luxury watch manufacturers use 316L stainless steel for many added benefits. Many high-end watch companies moved over to using 316L stainless steel for its incredible strength and corrosive-resistance. Other top-tier watch manufacturers have chosen 316L because it's a quality material. Stainless steel watches are very popular due to their endurance and are excellent for resisting corrosive elements.


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